We Refer Haroldine to to Everyone

When we first stated our search for a new home, my husband was horrified at the thought of being “harrassed” by real estate agents, so we began to look without one. Being the researcher that I am, I believed that we would be able to find what we wanted, on our own. How wrong we were!!!
On our first “solo” search, we looked at a gorgeous home, that I believed was overpriced, only to be told by the “selling agent” that “this house is a bargain, and you will not find anything comparable in today’s market!” Oh, how wrong she was!!
After begging my husband to look at another house, we met Haroldine, who was representing this particular home. After talking with her for 30 minutes, we realized that she understood EXACTLY what we were looking for. Even though we didn’t buy that home, that day, we did find the agent we wanted to work with!
Not once did Haroldine try and sell us a home that wasn’t “us”, she also only showed us homes within the price range that we had discussed with her.
In fact, it was the third house that she showed us that we now call home! FYI – Our new home that Haroldine found us, is 3 times the size AND was priced less than what that first agent felt her listing was such a bargain and the best value on the market! Haroldine found us just what we were looking for!!
We now refer Haroldine to everyone we know that needs a Realtor. 
We treasure her opinon and now her friendship!
Thanks Haroldine!

— Suzanne & Bruce Monteith (and Chicken, our cat!)