Strongly Recommend Haroldine

Being new arrivals to the Los Angeles area, my roommate and I possessed little knowledge of where we could find a place suitable to our needs as well as affordable. Luckily, we contacted Haroldine. Her extensive knowledge of the Los Angeles area was vital to our housing search. Thoughout our many showings, she again and again proved herself to be bright, friendly, trustworthy, and professional. I truly felt that she cared for my well being and future happiness. She researched every property in detail and gave us her educated opinions about the properties even when many real estate agents would have tried to sell us the most convenient option. Her help was absolutely integral in our search and allowed us to find a nice condo at a great price in the perfect location. I strongly recommend Haroldine to anyone who is looking to move due to her charisma, considerate nature, and expertise.

— Andrew Schilling